" Don’t trust your heart when it is lonely. "

I seriously dont think I could spend a day without walking or running anymore

Anonymous:  The truth is that she is a heartbreaker ;)

Hahhaha meeh I don’t think so. Just like you can’t control your feelings, I also can’t control the fact of not feeling anything at all. So yeah after being intimate with some guys, they get attached, I don’t, so yeah they can get hurt. This is life my friend

Life update

Aww, K, my date from yesterday just texted me now at 8:30am telling me his classes got canceled today. So I told him we should meet up at some point ( i actually really feel like spending some time with this kid - especially that nothing happened yet ). I love it when people text me in the morning, like hell yeah I’m one of the first things you think of as you wake up b*tch (lol)